By Emmy Warren

Brett, a new volunteer, wasn’t really sure what she was getting herself into when she decided to accompany her daughter at Neighborhood Pets outreach center. From its name, she thought that a pet outreach center would be just like any other animal rescue, and that her job would be cleaning cages or helping adoptable animals find homes, but Neighborhood Pets was something else entirely. From day one she was put to good use, bagging cat food, dog food, organizing the donations and helping to answer the phones. She loved all of these different jobs, but the best times were when she got to hold the puppies and kittens who came in to get their shots. 

Brett would come to fondly call the place a foodbank for animals, but it offered more than just that. Brett realized how much she was thankful for as a pet owner, like access to a vet, and being able to afford food and treatments if one of her own seven cats were to ever get sick. When Brett shared her experience with others, there were many questions thrown her way like why people suffering in poverty would want the extra burden of having a pet in the first place. Being a lover of cats, Brett never questioned that herself, but she expressed that the love of an animal is not only therapeutic, but they make all the difference in a person’s life.  Everyone wants to be able to get their children a pet or have a companion to brighten their lives, and Neighborhood Pets is an organization that makes it possible for anyone to feel that love. 

“It was wonderful to help out with such a much needed asset to an under-served community. It not only benefits the health of animals but being able to raise healthy pets on limited incomes allows families to experience the joys and bonding that comes with pet ownership.”  – Brett