By: Courtney Conrad

In the weeks before spring break, we all know how hard it is to focus. Thinking about vacations, no school, and how it is almost the end of the school year. Especially for seniors, all we seem to think about is how we only have 7 weeks left. However, these couple weeks are still very important when it comes to school, so in the spirit of that here are 5 tips to help you stay focused. 

  1.  Get organized and make lists 

We all love when we are able to cross things off and realize that we are getting stuff done! Even if it means keeping sticky notes in your pencil case find something where you can write down homework or to-do lists for each day that will help you stay on task.

  1. Make schedules 

Scheduling can be a very difficult job, but if you find planners or even print out schedules online it can become a lot easier to manage. Sort out which of your homework is going to take you the longest and shortest time, and block it out accordingly. A key tip: try to study on the later side because when you sleep after you study it helps you remember better! 

  1. Exercise!

I cannot stress enough how much exercise improves your focus! Your ability to sort out priorities improves, allowing you to block out distractions and better concentrate on the task at hand. Your brain remembers more when your body is active. Taking up a new activity like volunteering or working could also have a similar effect. 

  1. Make some goals for how you want to finish out the year 

Thinking about what you really want to accomplish when you finish the school year can be important this time of year. If you are working hard and studying now your April and May self will thank you. This might mean setting goals about what grades you want to get or it may be saying to yourself that you are going to finish your homework by 10 o’clock every night. 

  1. Make sure to take time for yourself every once and awhile 

Lastly, even though school is important and we all want to see good outcomes, we all need time to decompress and just forget about things for a second. Being on a constant grind can only last so long so make sure to set aside time each week to do things that don’t revolve around school or homework. Just don’t go crazy with the “me time”.