By: Abby Morgan

From my experience, the long stretch between the end of January to spring break is the pit of the year, the most boring part! In Cleveland, the sun rises and sets very early, and is always dark and cold in the winter.  School starts to drag on, with the regular routine of constant homework, quizzes, and tests beginning again. The weeks go by so slowly as we all look at the calendar to check how many 4-day weeks are approaching. While this stretch is the worst of the year, there are a variety of ways to turn it into a time to look forward to! 

  1. Take advantage of the pretty snow and participate in winter activities! During this stretch, snow is almost always present.  Take your sled down the hill, have a snowball fight, or even make some hot cocoa to brighten your cold day!
  2. Look for a new hobby creating an exciting change in your life! Mixing things up takes the boring out of the cold winter days that seem to drag on forever.  By joining a club or trying a new sport, you’ll most likely look forward to the new experience.
  3. Take a road trip! Taking a weekend off is a good refresher for your brain, and going somewhere like Columbus, Chicago, or even New York City would be an unforgettable experience!!
  4. Start shopping for summer to get you in the right mood! Whether it’s clothes or beach apparel, doing this will help you see past the long stretch and get you excited for the freedom and sunshine to come!
  5. Go to a concert! Concerts are often a summer activity, but enjoying this experience in the winter can very easily brighten your mood! Some good music is always fun for everyone, especially when you see one of your favorite artists!

Though the winter months are long and hard, there’s always a way to look forward to what’s to come. Hopefully these tips helped and we can all get through this January to March stretch!