By Simr Deo

This season of The Bachelor is crazy! There is extreme drama between all the girls, and Peter is indecisive. There are still 15/16 contestants fighting for Pilot Peter Weber’s heart <3. The only thing Peter is asking for is for the girls to be honest and “real.” However, it seems that the girls are doing nothing but making up stories and putting on a facade in front of the cameras. In this article, I will discuss my opinions in order of WORST soulmate to BEST soulmate. Also, SHOUTOUT to the LAND in episode 4, we’re really living in Cleveland!

(16.) Alayah Benavidez – DEBATABLE remaining contestantImage result for Alayah Benavidez

Our pageant girl! She has made some questionable choices on the show, and it leaves watcher’s wondering, is she simply acting for the camera? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that she is FIGHTING for Peter’s heart, but there’s no need to be fake. It is possible that Peter initially kicked her off because of the other girls, but I think it was the right decision. THEN, she comes back to “clear her name” and stays because Peter asked her back. She couldn’t keep her story straight on whether she came to clear her name or win Peter back. Now the question is, will she stay long? I’m also curious whether Peter is to blame for the drama due to lack of decision making skills. I am simply appalled that he would give her the date rose, especially when she wasn’t even on the date. 

15. Mykenna Dorn

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All I have to say is, what are you still doing on the show? I think she is annoying, and a whiner. The only reason she is safe is because Peter had to make a decision between her and Alayah. However, her facial expressions are the perfect bait for memes! Look her up if you want to have a nice laugh. Also, just look at her athletic ability, it’s a -100 on a 10 points scale, EEEK. 

14. Natasha Parker 

Image result for natasha parker bachelor

I can’t say that I remember much about her, nothing about her really stuck out to me. She cried, I do remember that! But, I don’t like people crying, so she needs to go. Also, I get crazy vibes from her.

13. Tammy Ly

 Image result for tammy ly

I also don’t like her! She has a fiery personality, but not in a good way. She won her pillow fight, but only because she pinned the girl down. I think she needs to tone down her confidence because it is borderline aggressive. 

12. Victoria Paul

Image result for victoria paul bachelor

She had so much potential 😦 It is debatable whether or not she lied to Peter about the Alayah drama. I think that she just didn’t tell the whole story. They had a one-on-one date in an earlier episode, but it was a boring date and she cried. Victoria didn’t play in the football game in the latest episode due to ‘back problems.’ Honestly, I think it was selfish and rude to all the other girls for her to be cuddling with Peter on the sidelines while they literally tackled each other for his love. There are many other girls who are more deserving of the attention, rather than Victoria P… Then after not playing, she thought she could have the first conversation with Peter at their group date after the girls waited all day, just RUDE. I kind of want to put her in a spinning teacup after Episode 4.

11. Sydney Hightower

 Image result for sydney hightower

In Episode 3, she was in the pillow-fight finale against Alayah. Although Alayah did win by sitting on Sydney which was unfair, Sydney does NOT take it well. Interesting that she was one of the first people to complain about Alayah… Sydney, HIGHkey (haha get it) was questioning how she felt about Peter because she feels like she hasn’t gotten any time with Peter. Sorry Sydney, but everyone is in that boat. 

10. Shiann Lewis 

Image result for shiann bachelor

SHIANIMAL. She hasn’t made a lasting impact on me thus far in the season. It’s clear that she tried very hard during the football game, but she feels dismissed and not repaid for her hard work (MVP). She wanted some one-on-one time, and all the other girls agreed to let her go first, but Victoria P. went first:() I feel bad for her because she really did deserve to have some time, but I do not like crybabies, so I am conflicted about my opinion. 

9. Kiarra Norman

 Image result for kiarra norman bachelor

I know absolutely nothing about this girl, except she does not know how to pronounce words. I’m intrigued to know more about her because I feel like she hasn’t been given any screen time with Peter. 

8. Lexi Buchanan 
Image result for lexi buchanan bachelor

Also, don’t really know what’s going on with her. Either she doesn’t cause any drama or Peter just hasn’t had the opportunity to take her off the show. She did say a little smack about Alayah, but that’s kind of all I remember! 

7. Deandra Kanu 

Image result for deandra kanu bachelor

She starts off the group conversation by saying what all the contestants were thinking, “it was a slap in the face to bring Alayah back at the cocktail party after all the girls were out on the field busting their butts.” She’s honest and what Peter is looking for, but he hasn’t given her the time!

6. Savannah Mullins

Image result for savannah mullins bachelor

She is irrelevant and will be kicked off soon. She had to wear a moo-moo(!) at the pillow fight. I honestly have no clue who she is. The only reason she is so far up on the list is because there is nowhere else that matches both her demeanor and ranking to fit on this list.

5. Victoria Fuller

Image result for victoria fuller

Victoria. Victoria. Victoria. 

Peter and Victoria seem to be hitting it off, but I simply don’t see it. Maybe she’s better once you get to know?? Kudos to her for facing her fears and going on the slingshot, but BAD MOVE engaging in talk about the ex-boyfriend. She ran to the corner and started crying during their date, which seems to be her signature move 😦 I understand that it must have been very awkward to listen to your country singer ex-boyfriend, Chase Rice, sing to you while in the arms of Pilot Peter, but everyone has ex-boyfriends, and Peter seemed more impressed that she dated a famous country singer LOL. But I do have to say I felt bad that Alayah told all the girls about Chase Rice when it wasn’t her place.

4. Kelsey Weier

 Image result for kelsey weier bachelor

I don’t like Kelsey at all. She annoyed the heck out of me with the whole champagne incident, but again Peter seems to see something in her. I feel like every time I hear Kelsey talk, she is either telling Peter a tragic story or whining about something that didn’t go her way. Also getting some crazy chick vibes from her! She has a soft side, but I can’t tell if it’s a facade or her true personality. 

3. Hannah Ann Sluss

Image result for hannah ann

Remember when she “stole” Kelsey’s champagne, HA. Also, remember when she was being “bullied” by Kelsey. At the beginning of the show, I did not like her because I thought she was mean and did petty things to get what she wanted, but now nothing seems to revolve around her, so I think she is as unproblematic as it gets. The fashion show really showcased her fiery attitude. But I simply only think of her as another pretty girl fighting for Pilot Pete on this season of the Bachelor.

2. Kelley Flanagan Image result for kelley flanagan

I am really rooting for this attorney. Usually, in court, it can get heated, but at the Bachelor mansion, she is causing no issues. In my eyes, I think Kelley and Peter click. They met ONCE prior to coming on the show, but it wasn’t a big deal. She’s honest, chill, and smart and I really think she has a chance at staying on the show for a while. 

1. Madison Prewett

Image result for madison prewett

I think Madison is the coolest person on this show! She’s a basketball player at Auburn and got the first one-on-one date in the season. It was the cutest thing in the entire world when Madison got to attend the renewal of Peter’s parent’s vows! It was lowkey weird at the beginning because it was their first date, but I think she was the best person to take. She hasn’t caused any drama on the show and hasn’t been a focal part of the season since episode one. She seems like a bubbly person, and I’ve never been a fan of bubbly people, but there is something different about her. Madison’s smile could truly light up the room, and hopefully Peter’s heart, but I guess we’ll just have to keep watching and see 😉 The winner of the review, deserves two photos<3

Image result for madison prewett the bachelor


I think that this 24th season has been very weird and chaotic compared to other Bachelor seasons. It’s almost never necessary to do a review on the Bachelor himself, but with a guy this complex it seems compulsory in this review. 

The Bachelor: Peter Weber, also known as Pilot Pete is the Bachelor for the 24th season of the ABC reality TV show. I think that he doesn’t know what he wants from this season. Obviously, he’s seeking someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. There has been so much drama between the girls in the mansion, and it is taking away from the valuable love-seeking journey that everyone embarked on. I think Peter could handle all these situations better rather than cancelling dates, removing roses, and most importantly allowing others to influence his decisions for elimination. He continues to say the same thing about every girl, so my rankings are almost 100% incorrect and I am 100% sure of that. He makes such a poor decision by giving a date rose to Alayah after she came back to “clear her name.” All the girls on the show are beginning to hate him. I think he needs to look at the situation as a whole and decide if he actually wants to find love and be happy or just stir unnecessary drama in the mansion because he wants to be the nice guy and not hurt anyone’s feelings. 
Image result for bachelor peter

Image result for bachelor peterImage result for bachelor peter