by Grace Mansour

As most of you know by now, Australia has been experiencing bushfires throughout the country. These fires have burned at least 17.4 million acres, destroyed 3,000 homes, and even killed around 30 people since they started in September. Australia is home to many different animals and 1 billion of them have died in the bushfires. Most people are hearing about the koalas and kangaroos since they are becoming endangered, but other animals are also dying such as birds, reptiles and insects. The areas of New South Wales and Victoria are the most affected by the burning. South Australia and Kangaroo Island are also suffering. The fires in Australia happen every year but this year they have become a threat to animals, homes, and people. Firefighters are being sent in but the fires are so large. The U.S. has sent in about 2,700 firefighters to help and many are volunteering as well. They are saying that these fires have no signs of stopping. Climate change is part of the problem, but the weather this summer has also reached record highs. 

Here is an update from January 24:

The Red Cross is supporting the people in Australia and helping their loved ones to reach them. They have been able to provide food and water for the people living in Victoria. It has also been reported that 6 firefighters have been injured while trying to help with the bushfires. The air quality is the “worst in the world” and the residents have to stay inside and keep their pets safe with all the windows closed. 

“Since the fires started in September, at least 27 million acres in the country have burned, 29 people have died, and an estimated 1.25 billion animals have been lost. On Thursday, several dangerous fires were still burning in New South Wales state and on the outskirts of Canberra, Australia’s capital city.”

The bushfires are wiping out communities and leaving Australians devastated.  

There are many places to donate but here are some links:

Fire departments

Australian Red Cross

Help the Animals

This video may also be able to explain and show you how devastating these fires really are: