By: Sophie Carey

There are major spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie and want to see it, read at your own risk. 

I’ve heard a lot of different opinions about this movie. Some people cried over it, claiming it to be the best movie ever. Others on dramatic rants about how it ruined Star Wars. I’m gonna preface this by saying that although I have seen a lot (maybe all? I can’t remember) of the Star Wars movies, I’m not super into the whole storyline. I have nothing against it and I do truly enjoy watching the movies, but you can’t count on me to remember much of all the characters and the history. This is going to be a review by someone with basic knowledge of Star Wars, so forgive me if there’s some genius component of the story I am not aware of. If it really was a disgrace to the series, I wouldn’t know. 

I really enjoyed the movie in the midst of watching it. I normally tend to, unless I really hate the movie. I’m not very picky or judgmental when it comes to movies. Honestly, the only part I disliked was the ending. I’m the kind of person who will sometimes root for the bad guy, not based off of their beliefs or actions, but because it gets boring watching the good guys win in the end every time. I liked Kylo Ren’s development as a character, and I didn’t actually mind him turning good. It made sense, and although it was done in a way that’s a little cliche, it still made me happy. What made me disappointed, however, was his forced relationship with Rey. It wasn’t well developed and it felt unnecessary. I don’t think movies need a budding romance between main characters to be good, and frankly, I’m starting to prefer that they don’t because of how repetitive and predictable it is. I’m also a little salty over Ben dying, but I get why it happened. 

I think it’s too much to say this was either the best or worst movie of the franchise. I went with some friends to go see it and I had a good time. There were ways that they could have made it better, but it doesn’t bother me enough to put a bad image on it. Whether you’re really into Star Wars, or only kind of into it like me, I still recommend that people see it if they’ve watched The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens.