By Olivia Gidlow

1.     Start by remembering this is the last chunk until summer break!

2.     Try making a list of all the goals you want to achieve during second semester

3.     Think about what worked and didn’t work in your last semester and use that to make this semester easier and smoother

4.     Make a schedule! Plan out when to study so you have time to take breaks from schoolwork

5.     Find a good show! Although this may seem counterproductive it is good to have an outlet where you can forget about school and simply relax

6.     Get some exercise! Whether it’s taking a walk or having a fun sports practice with friends, it will clear your mind and help you study and complete your homework afterwards

7.     Find new materials! Find a cool pen, a new tool on your computer, a new backpack, any little excitement helps get you through a long school day

8.     Clean out your backpack and binders, this will help you get a fresh start for second semester and get the clutter out of the way

9.     Eat a good breakfast! This will help motivate you for a good school day ahead of you, and you can take a moment to enjoy your food before a long day

10.  Last but not least, get a good night’s sleep! This is one of the most important tips, it will help your brain work better, you feel better, and will help your days go as smooth as possible.

Hopefully with these tips help make your transition into second semester manageable, good luck!