Durra Al-Assaad

            On February 14th, it’s either the day people are looking forward to or are dreading. To some, they are waiting to go out to dinner with that special someone and get presents, chocolate, flowers, balloons, jewelry, you name it. However, for people like me, we are sitting at home watching the Notebook and wishing we were Rachel McAdams in the rain with Ryan Gosling. Instead of spending that day alone, watching romantic movies that make you want to cry and eat a pint of ice cream (we have all been there, don’t deny it), you should do something fun and worthwhile. 

Here are some tips to make this holiday a little less lonely:

1. Hangout with your friends!! You don’t even have to feel bad about yourself not having a significant other. You can have a fun night with your friends instead. You guys can dress up, go out to dinner, and maybe go bowling or attend a concert. You will honestly then forget its Valentine’s Day and pretend like it’s your typical Friday night.

2. Throw a singles party! This year Valentine’s day is on a Friday, so make the most of it and gather your friends who also don’t want to celebrate alone! You can invite whoever you wish to and dance the night out. You would probably have a lot more fun than going out to a boring dinner with your significant other. You can connect with more people at a party and have a great time doing it.

3. Do a friend gift exchange!! If you really want to get flowers or jewelry, talk to your friends and set up something like secret Santa. Or get funny valentines that you used to get in grade school. 

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be lonely and sad like in cliché rom-coms. You can use these recommendations above and have the best night in February. Who knows, maybe we will be at a singles party on the 14th together!