by Caroline Cannon

Welcome back to Caroline’s Snapshots! Today I will be highlighting another amazing photographer who works mainly with film cameras! Last year, like many HB students, I took the Photography 1 class with the amazing Mr. Morse. In that class we learned about film cameras, the dark room process, and how cameras have evolved over time. That class sparked my interest in film photography, as I’m sure it did for all who took the class as well! 

In the current photography world, digital photographers dominate the scene. Digital photos are the most common, and film photographers are slowly becoming hard to find. So when I discovered Linus, who goes by “Linus and his camera” online, I instantly fell in love. Linus is a videographer and photographer from Raleigh, North Carolina who works mainly with film cameras, and his creations are absolutely stunning. With a combined following of over 31,000 on Instagram and Twitter, Linus inspires many film photographers with his creative uses of color, shadows, exposure, and more! Here are some of my personal favorite works of his and why I like them so much!

 This first picture was taken in an underground subway tunnel in Seattle, Washington, and was taken with a digital camera. This is not Linus’ area of expertise, yet I think this photo is stunning. The dreamy effect he was able to create by playing around with the lights and darks in the subway particularly spark my interest. How he was able to create such a contrast photo yet also have an emphasis on the lights coming from the model’s hat and necklace blows my mind. This photo is truly genius!

For these next two pictures, Linus used projections to add another artistic layer to the photos. I find this to be a very interesting choice, as sometimes photographing a projection can be difficult! In the checkered photo, the placement of the projection was key. His choice to make one of the model’s eyes in the white light and one in the shadows creates a dramatic effect on the photo that I really love. In the hands picture, the words projected onto the model’s hands are what caught my attention first. It appears the projection says “on the scene” and keeps repeating across the model’s hands. Is this projection a part of a larger piece of writing? Or maybe a part of a larger collection of pictures? Why did he choose those specific words? I don’t know these answers, but I love the connection Linus started when he chose to project those words. I see photography, and many other art forms, as a way of expressing a message, emotion, feeling, or thought, and Linus seems to be doing that in this picture. 

Overall, I think it would be an understatement to say I’ve fallen in love with Linus and his photography style. He is truly an expert at film photography, and his work has reminded me of how amazing film photography really is. If you ever have the opportunity to take the Photo 1 class here at HB with Mr. Morse, I highly recommend it! You will learn the amazing process of dark room photography, and have so much fun. 

If you would like to see more of Linus’ work, I encourage you to follow him on instagram @linusandhiscamera, on twitter @linusnhiscamera and check out his website, Thank you for tuning in to this edition of Caroline’s Snapshots! I hope you are now inspired to try some film photography or try using projections in your next piece!