By Radhika Chundru

1. Decorations

Many people put up lights and decorations during the holiday season, making their house look beautiful and bright.

2. Secret Santa

Both fun and exciting, a Secret Santa is the perfect excuse to have a holiday party.

3. Baking

Making delicious cookies and other desserts is always exciting. Also, baking is a great activity to do with others.

4. Food

Usually, good food is eaten during the holiday season.

5. Spending time with friends and family

It’s a great feeling to be around family and friends during the holidays because you can do fun activities, see people you don’t usually see, and have a good time together!

6. Break from school

Everyone wants a break from school–a time to be stress-free and relax.

7. Music

Christmas music is very exciting to listen to and always puts people in a good mood!

8. Gifts

Most people love both giving and receiving gifts. The holiday season is a perfect time to show your appreciation to your loved ones.

9. Ice Skating

Ice skating is a great sport to enjoy in the winter and can create very entertaining memories. Many cities have indoor rinks or seasonal outdoor skating areas where you can try ice skating.

10. Movies

Watching holiday movies is an enjoyable way to spend time and there is a vast variety available on YouTube and Netflix.