Gabby Quintana

During the cold season, there is a warmth that wraps around you inside the comfort of your home. As you huddle into a blanket and the sink into the abyss of your television, the magic of the holiday season is magnified. In a seemingly distant and foreign world, is a holiday love. This is the winter love story between a separable pair. 

“I can’t stand to be without you!”

Cried Marshmallow, on the brink,

“The human’s getting thirsty

and I think she’s gonna drink!”

“Stay cool,” replied Cocoa

“It’s the reason I was made.”

“It’s not fair,” grieved Marshmallow

“I can’t sit and watch you die,

it’s not just and it’s not right;

if I can fix it I must try.” wept Marshmellow.

Without another word,

and without regard for self,

he threw himself into the cup

and soon began to melt.

“I’ll always love you, Choco,”

he whispered as he went,

“now as long as you exist,

we won’t be separated again”

You shed a single tear,

to witness love so vicious;

And then put your lips to the cup-

Dang, they were delicious.