By Emma Esteves

Last year, I started to write about celebrity animals (like Doug the Pug and Lil Bub) who have gained more fame and popularity than I will probably ever achieve in my entire life. I enjoyed creating these and hopefully people enjoyed reading them too. So, with an empty mind and no ideas on what to write my Retrospect article about, I decided to resort to my go-to prompt: Celebrity Animals.

 On that note, I would like to introduce you to this week’s featured pup: Norbert the Dog!

Norbert is a three-pound therapy dog. Along with being the most adorable animal on the face of this planet, he has his own extensive website, Youtube channel, Wikipedia page, and book series. In fact, this series, Nobert: What Can Little Me Do?, has won over 9 prestigious awards.

Although Norbert may not be the most popular dog on Youtube and Instagram, he still captures the hearts of many. He may be small but his impact on this world is mighty. On top of being a service dog equipped with many cool and heartwarming tricks, Norbert and his owner are quite the philanthropists. Together, they have created the Norberthood for Good project, which aims to bring smiles to children of all ages. This includes participating in a variety of organizations and charitable events. For example, Norbert and his owner, Julie, have donated over 4,500 Norbert plush toys to Toys for Tots. Also, he has teamed up with another celebrity (Lil’ Bub) to donate over $17,000 and 1,800 of his books. Truly, this little pup is incredible.

If you still haven’t fallen in love with Norbert, I highly recommend you to visit his Youtube page or even just google his name. He has so many adorable pictures that are bound to inject a little happiness into your day. Let Norbert change your life, just as he has changed the lives of so many.