by Grace Mansour

Since Thanksgiving was recently, I thought it would be fun to ask around and see what everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving foods are. For me, I love mashed potatoes and stuffing and of course pie. Some of my friends said that they loved potatoes, gravy, turkey, pumpkin, and apple pie. Also, sweet potatoes with marshmallows are so good! My family has a super fun Thanksgiving tradition as well. We all go to my grandma’s house and eat an entire feast. All my cousins come to town and it is always super fun to see everyone. We go around the table, play games and share what we are thankful for. It is basically what everyone does but when my entire family is together it doesn’t really matter what we are doing because we always have fun. My family used to go to South Carolina for Thanksgiving and run a Turkey Trot, which is a 5k. Some of my friend’s favorite traditions are: playing a family soccer game, family game night, and watching movies together. Some people I talked to said they put on plays or talent shows for their family. Thanksgiving is always a super fun time with the best food and the traditions for the holiday are some of the best. Happy Thanksgiving!