By Charlotte Wasserman

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We have a lot of days for shopping the major sales this weekend. How to navigate the whole week can be overwhelming, so here is an organized outlook for that week to make sure your five day weekend is an effective break!

Wednesday, November 27

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling exhausted in school and at home doing homework. On Wednesday, October 27th, take a self-care day. Catch up on sleep and spend the day catching up on all work that has been slowly piling up. Wednesday would also be a great time to work ahead and start organizing for midterms because it’s sadly coming soon! 

Thursday, November 28

Today is Thanksgiving!! Make sure to wake up early enough to watch the parade with a cup of hot cider or coffee! Today is time for family, so tell someone you’re thankful for them and why; it can really brighten their day. My house always hosts Thanksgiving dinner, so we have a full day of cooking and baking. Be helpful towards your family and ask them if you can do anything to prepare the meal. 

Friday, November 29

Black Friday is what I like to think of as the start of the best 3 days of shopping. Invite some friends over and drive around the city to hit all your favorite stores for some great deals. My friends and I will probably go to the big malls first, Pinecrest and Beachwood, then hit our favorite individual stores. I suggest looking at Amazon Black Friday Deals, as they make a new one every five minutes, amazon.

Saturday, November 30
Today is dedicated to supporting all your favorite small businesses and startups. Show your support for people trying to make it into the big league of stores! There are a few small business pop up shops in Cleveland that you can check out too. 

Sunday, December 1

Just chill out. Sunday after Thanksgiving is known as the travel day. If you’re coming home from a nice weekend, have safe travels. 

Monday, December 2

CYBER Monday. Personally, this is one of my favorites because all you need is a computer and time to surf the web. Crazy deals go out on the market all day. We will be in school this day, but if you have a free period, you can start your shopping. Become a smart shopper and get your gifts for the holidays now. 

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving. Make sure to tell people that you appreciate them!!