By: Vivienne Forstner

For the last three months, the cast of The Addams Family has been working tirelessly, rehearsing for at least two hours nearly every day. By the time this issue of Retrospect has been released, the last show will already have happened. But as of now, opening night is less than twelve hours away and everyone is getting excited. Here are some of the best moments that have happened both in the show and behind the scenes:

  1. Thing (Louisa Wang) helping Mr. Hendrock with his intro
  2. Pugsley (Kristina Martinez) accidentally breaking her grenade on the door in “When You’re an Addams” during a tech rehearsal
  3. All the ancestors having to walk around the school in the evening in our dead-looking stage makeup
  4. Fester’s (Amir Smith) face appearing on the moon in “Move Towards the Darkness”
  5. Wednesday (Violet Webster) popping the head off a bird in “Pulled”
  6. Gomez (Alex Richter) singing “Two Things”… and “Three Things”… and nearly singing “Four Things” before Morticia (Kate Haffke) cuts him off
  7. Working hard to make our show the best it could possibly be

We hope you enjoyed The Addams Family!