By: Sophie Carey

I am extremely picky over what I am willing to wear. It’s a nightmare for me every time we have a dress up day. I strongly dislike dressing up. Dresses and skirts are uncomfortable but I look terrible in dress pants. There is no formal style that I enjoy. I’d much rather wear a hoodie I got from the Target men’s section, some black joggers or leggings, my bomber jacket, and my boots or my Converses. I tend to wear the same thing all the time because moments where I find something I’d actually wear out in public don’t happen that often. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I find other styles of clothes unattractive. I used to be really into fashion, and watched Project Runway religiously. The variety in style, especially amongst people my age, is amazing. Someone could look stunning in a pair of pants that I wouldn’t enjoy wearing myself. 

The problem with my personal style is that it doesn’t cover many occasions, especially if they’re somewhat formal. I wish it could, but according to society, I’m expected to look ‘nice’ or it makes me look bad. I strongly believe personality is reflected in clothing, (if you have the choice, that is), but I think it’s unfair that I could be seen as ‘lazy’ or ‘unprofessional’ simply because I just want to wear something I am physically comfortable in. I’m not asking to always be able to go out in whatever I want. I am not trying to argue that I should be able to show up to an interview in sweats. I think the expectations are too uptight, and that people try to judge others way too much on what they wear, rather than how they act. 

My mother took me shopping the other day because I didn’t have any dresses. When we were finished, she asked me what I thought of our selection. She told me that I didn’t look too thrilled. I responded that I hated formal clothing, and she told me it was something I’d just have to get used to. I don’t think I’ll get used to spending an entire day in something I dread wearing, but I know I have to follow whatever the rules and expectations are. It’s disappointing, really, but I don’t think standards over clothing are going to change any time soon.