By: Ella Van Niel

Last Christmas actually might be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying a lot because I watched Tall Girl. Believe me, guys. When I say it’s bad, I mean it’s bad. My friend and I decided to go see the movie a couple weeks ago. We went into it knowing that it was going to be bad (it got 47% on rotten tomatoes), but we thought it was gonna be that cheesy-Hallmark-holiday-movie type of bad that everyone secretly loves. Believe me when I tell you that we were completely unprepared for the atrocity that is Last Christmas.

The movie actually starts off pretty normal. It has all the elements of the perfect cheesy rom-com. Kate, the main character, hasn’t been herself ever since she got a heart transplant last year. She searches desperately for meaning in every guy she meets and has all but given up on love until she happens to meet the mysterious Tom. The two go on a few dates together, and Tom seems like the perfect guy. He’s eccentric but not too eccentric (it’s a mainstream movie, remember), he listens to Kate, and he seems to really care about her. The only problem is that he tends to disappear, leaving Kate lonely and sad.

Now this is where the movie really falls apart. You don’t find out why Tom disappears until the last 15 minutes, so the audience spends the entire movie in utter confusion. And let me tell you– the reason he leaves is so not worth the confusion and suspense and time. Like, it is so lame. So lame. Because guess what, guys– TOM IS A GHOST!!! What?!?!?!?! I have so many questions. Apparently he got into a bad accident last Christmas, the same day of Kate’s heart transplant, and the doctors used his heart in the surgery (get it? Like the song?). But why does he have to disappear sometimes just because he’s a ghost? Don’t ghosts get to do whatever they want? Also, Kate and Tom definitely touch each other throughout the movie. I’m no ghost expert, but I swear you’re only supposed to be able to see ghosts, not touch them. Most importantly though, why is Tom a ghost at all? Couldn’t he have metaphorically given Kate his heart? Then the storyline would be more believable and more relatable, if not less cheesy.

In conclusion, don’t watch the movie.