By Emma Gerber

  1. It is a good way to try something new.

Dance can seem really scary, especially if you have never tried it. However, every year HB’s dance department welcomes so many people who haven’t danced before, so if you are new, you won’t be alone. If you have ever wanted to try dance, this is the perfect way to try it out! Rehearsals and auditions are always a low pressure and fun environment, and by the end of the season you won’t even know how you learned so much! 

  1. You will get to meet new people. 

I have met many of my favorite people through dance at HB; everyone in the dance department is so welcoming and nice. Especially because of the nature of the rehearsal process and the concert, where dancers rehearse in smaller groups, you get to know the people in your piece really well. The dance concert always creates such a wonderful community, and I definitely speak for everyone in the dance department when I say that I am super excited to welcome in lots of new people this year! 

  1. It’s a good way to get some exercise in the winter and spring

It can be difficult to keep fit in the winter, especially because of the snow outside and the general lack of motivation that comes with the darker and snowier winter months. However, HB’s dance concert is the perfect place to get some good exercise during the winter. It’s so fun that you won’t even know that you are exercising! 

  1. Rehearsal times are really flexible.

The dance concert really makes an effort to work with your schedule, so pretty much no matter what you have going on you can still get cast in a piece. For each dance piece you only have to attend two rehearsals a week, each only two hours. If you are really concerned about time, we have a special piece this year by our guest choreographers Alexa and Britney that will be rehearsed on select Sundays and during school during some lab and X periods. 

  1. There are really cool guest choreographers this year!

As mentioned above, this year we are welcoming commercial dancers Alexa and Britney to choreograph a hip hop and jazz piece. It will be rehearsed on select Sundays and during school during some lab and X periods. If you like hip hop, you should definitely sign up to be in their piece!

  1. Dance is a great way expressing yourself – you will be creating art! 

Aside from those who do visual art or performing arts at HB, it can be really hard to express yourself at HB. In the dance concert, you will have a chance to express yourself through dance, or even just dance out all of the negativity from a long day at HB. As well, being part of the dance concert not only means expressing yourself, but it means being part of a piece of art, and helping your choreographer to create something beautiful that you will never forget. 

  1. It’s really fun! 

From rehearsals with your group to bonding with the whole cast over dinners the week before the show, the dance concert is always so fun. I can’t wait to see you there!