By Francesca Burke

If you went to middle school at HB, you know that the transition to upper school at HB can be pretty tough. From the new dress code to running from class to class, transitioning from middle school to upper school is a big jump. But does middle school at HB properly prepare students for this transition? While most high school students agree that they have been bombarded by the workload and responsibilities put upon them, others believe that most teachers do an exemplary job at exposing students to life in the high school throughout their 8th-grade experience.

The majority of students say that they were not prepared for high school because they were blindsided by the amount of work and pressure that had suddenly been brought upon them. In middle school, there are different priorities to concern yourself with compared to high school. In high school, you are faced with new challenges such as what electives to take, how long it will take you to get to your next class, and most importantly, time management. Other students say that the number of tests and quizzes per week took them by surprise compared to middle school. The workload is much heavier than expected and students find this very nerve-wracking. Specifically in the science department, students were not prepared for the amount of work they were about to face. The curriculums are very different, and some students wish they had been able to take biology in 8th grade so that they could have comprehended the material before high school arrived. Students that took geometry in 8th grade, a class that was typically taken by upper schoolers,  agree that biology would be doable in middle school. 

While some students were surprised by the transition to the upper school, others felt that they were ready for the new experience. Returning students felt they are more prepared compared to their new HB sisters in terms of the bus schedule and finding friend groups to hang out with. Returning students also know the environment at HB. Students feel that they have similar responsibilities such as meeting with their teachers and the need to get work done on time. 

In conclusion, HB has different elements of preparation for upper school that students prefer more than others. While the workload was more than expected, students are familiar with similar responsibilities that they had to manage in middle school, such as time management and meeting with teachers. And while some core classes such as science are harder to manage than others, freshman work hard while trying to assist their new HB sisters to familiarize themselves with the campus’ atmosphere. While there is no right answer as to whether or not HB properly prepares students for upper school, freshmen can agree that once they get the hang of things, high school isn’t so bad after all.