By Katie von Zedlitz

Although it may seem easy to pick out somewhere to go on a Friday or Saturday night, you might find yourself slumped or unsure of what to do. This is why a guide of fun places to shop, eat, and walk around is useful and nice to have. The top places that I would recommend first to anyone whether you are a local or a visitor, would be Condados at Pinecrest. I like it because it has the same food and taste as Barrio without the hassle and the wait. It has great atmosphere and is a super fun place to go with family, friends, or both. A second place that I would recommend would be Lindy’s Lake House in the Flats. It has amazing views, great food, and a really fun and fantastic atmosphere as well. A third option for something fun to do on a weekend or any day off would be to see a movie, and a place that I would recommend for that would be Silver spot at Pinecrest. Although the tickets can be a bit pricey, the reclining seat, and dine-in service makes it an amazing experience and a fun night out. They also have a selection of old movies along with the new ones so that you can have a bigger variety of films to choose from. A good place to hit for desert would be Mitchell’s Ice Cream; they have crazy, fun, but also normal ice cream flavors that you can choose from. They never fail to serve the best ice cream and their service is insanely good for the amount of customers that they receive daily. They have never failed to serve me the best ice cream and always do an impeccable job in making extravagant things such as sundaes and smoothies. Finally, another fun activity to do during the day would be Beachwood Mall and Legacy Village. Although their parental guidance rules are enforced at 5 PM for everyone under the age of 18, the mall is a really fun place to shop, walk around, and eat food. Something that I normally do once the mall closes is going over to Legacy Village and grabbing another bite to eat, or a drink from Starbucks after a long day of shopping. These are all things that me, my friends, and my family loves to do on the weekends or any day off, and I hope you consider them too.