By: Abby Morgan

After completing my year in Studio Art Survey as a freshman, I wasn’t sure of the next art course I would take.  HB has a variety of options for second year art such as photography, ceramics, and printmaking. I had not been exposed to these different art forms in my previous years of art classes, so I was very excited to learn new techniques.  However, I had no idea which one to choose! As I furthered my discussion in course selection with my parents and mentor I was having trouble deciding which I should do. I finally decided on printmaking because I have always enjoyed working with inks and the short time I had with the printing press freshman year.  At this point in the year, I really enjoy printmaking. I made this series of prints of my little sister Caroline and found it to be fun, challenging, and valuable experience. We used screen print (and optional woodcut technique) to create a print of anyone with textures in the background. I am excited to continue my year learning different ways to print and make unique pieces of art.  If any freshmen are unsure of what art course to take next year, all of the options are great, but my experience in printmaking has been amazing this far!