By Olivia Moore

My dreams come to visit me every night, 

Bringing revenge on the troubles of the day.  

Expressing their loyalty to my happiness. 

I can’t suppress them or their meanings. 

They show me my fate, and what I truly lust for. 

Help me cope with loss, as well as show me 

The next chapter of my journey. 

It’s an honor

To see my dreams each night, giving me nostalgia 

For when times were simpler. 

Azure skies with

Clouds that could make rough times 

Seem minute. 

Happy days with the bright, yellow 

Sun, seeping straight into my heart, filling me with


I am protected by my dreams, they never 

Fail to amaze me, they’ve never shattered themselves. 

But every morning, as the gold and wine

Of dawn approaches, I leave my dreams behind. 

Giving them time to prepare for the revelry of the night. 

Cycling in circles like,

A dog chasing its tail, my dreams 

Appear night after night. 

Keeping me from the harshness of the world, 

They are a lion and I am a cub. 

Some dreams bring me to tears, 

In a good kind of way, 

but those dreams are just dreams, 

Never to be concrete.