By: Abby Morgan

Within society, there are important issues that are discussed nonstop. These include, but are not limited to, politics, the environment, and sports. Something we often do not spend much time thinking about are the relationships in our lives, more specifically considering the ones within our own homes.  We usually see our siblings on a daily basis, but often do not take the time to go into deeper thought about the influence on one’s “place” in the family as well as their actions and personalities. I am the oldest of four girls, so I’ve compiled some observations over the years. I have put together some thoughts about the roles of different types of siblings: oldest, middle, and youngest.

The oldest often has the stereotype of being bossy and controlling. This can be true whether this assertion is necessary or just to push buttons. A level of wisdom is often also associated with the oldest sibling, and they often share it with the younger siblings to make sure they are on the right track. The third and final significant quality I often see in oldest siblings is the protective nature they have over their younger siblings. Though they sometimes get irritated, they usually try to look out for their little brother or sister out of natural compassion.


I notice that the middle child is usually the most independent. Sometimes they want independence, but other times seek more attention from other members of the family. I think that the middle child is also very diligent because of this desire they have for independence, which leads them to success in many things they do. Another quality of the middle child is their ability to be free-spirited. I find this to be true in many families. Their desire for independence is the cause of this free spiritedness, and leads to a positive attitude.


Often, the youngest child is seen as the one who gets away with most things and is the most outgoing. There are many reasons why they are able to do some things the other siblings aren’t allowed to: parents are strict with the first child, but by the time they get to the third they have somewhat relaxed their expectations. The youngest siblings are also known as carefree. I’ve noticed that hey are generally either quiet preserved and or bold and extroverted.

These are the main observations that I have made over the years; you may agree or may not. I have been fascinated by the actions of children based on their place in their family, and I am glad I was able to write this article in response to these curiosities I have had for so long.