By Emma Esteves

With Halloween quickly approaching, stores are beginning to stock their shelves full of sugary goods. Yet each year, the variety seems to remain the same: Hershey’s, Reese Cups, Twix, Milky Way, and the occasional bag of limited edition “spooky” pretzels. Because this bland lineup can get pretty boring, why not look for something more exciting? Each culture celebrates Halloween in a unique way, and the sweet snacks that accompany it are something that cannot be missed. So next time you are on the hunt for candy, say goodbye to those fun-sized treats and be on the lookout for these unique candies instead.

1. Salsagheti – Mexico

Combining the flavors of sweet, spicy, and sour, this unique candy is for those with daring taste buds. The package is filled with a plethora of watermelon-based gummy “spaghetti” dusted with hot sauce and spicy sprinkles. It also comes with a tamarind sauce that can be added to the top. Popular throughout Mexico, this candy can be sold at every corner store and is enjoyed by both children and adults. In fact, one chef loved the candy so much that he decided to incorporate it into a three-course meal for his clients! 

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2. Jelly Babies – England

Most of us have probably consumed jelly beans, gummy bears, or some other form of chewy candy. However, our neighbors in England have taken it one step further with their odd invention of the Jelly Baby. Consisting of a sweet gelatin molded into the shape of a plump baby, these candies were first manufactured in 1918 and have found popularity among its consumers ever since then. The outside feels like a hard shell but the inside remains soft, giving the consistency of a DOT. Additionally, the flavors of strawberry, lemon, raspberry, lime, black currant, and orange provide hints that these candies may just be the British version of Sour Patch Kids.

3. High Concentrated Milk Candy – Japan

As strange as it may sound, High Concentrated Milk Candy is actually very delicious (I speak from experience). Filled with a rich milky taste, these treats are small, compact hard candies that pack quite the punch. People say they taste like condensed milk. Even if these don’t seem the candy for you, they remain a tiny treat that you can easily pop into your mouth at any time of the day!

4. Bamba – Israel

For those houses that like to hand out actual snacks instead of candy, be on the lookout for Bamba–a peanut butter crisp treat with the appearance of a cheese puff. Bamba, closely resembling the sound of “Baby”, was initially intended for young children; but this snack has become popular among people of all ages. Some describe the texture as “not sweet, not salty; not soft, not crunchy.” Nonetheless, these treats are still enjoyable for many, as well as easy to spot. Just look for the baby on the bright blue package or short, chubby yellow worms. You’ll be in for a real treat!