By Rori Kostos

All athletes, regardless of the sport, need to eat. Not only is food vital for survival, but it also improves memory and concentration, it recovers levels of poor cholesterol, and it lowers the chances of having diabetes, heart diseases, and being overweight. Everyone struggles with what they should eat to be as physically fit as possible, especially when participating in physical activity. So, what is the best diet for an athlete? 

It has been scientifically proven through performance studies that certain foods fuel your body the best. These foods include berries, salmon, beans/legumes, pasta, bananas, cruciferous vegetables, nuts, sweet potatoes, and any sort of protein. With these foods in your body, you will be better prepared to outperform an opponent. 

In conclusion, if you are an athlete that wishes to feel the best and to outperform their opponent, your diet should consist of healthy meats, fruits with levels of high potassium, protein, vegetables, and lots of water. Eating healthy boosts your energy level, mental level, and overall transforms you physically and mentally.