By: Courtney Conrad

Senior year is stressful. With school work piling up, college applications floating over our heads, and orange forms following us everywhere, we all need some ways to destress. Here are some great activities and strategies that could help you do that:

1. Yoga!! 

I know heavy exercise is not everyone’s favorite thing, so here are some great yoga studios nearby that would be great to try out for some distressing! It is also proven that a little physical activity everyday can boost brain power and academic performance, which I know we could all use before interims. 

  • Cleveland Yoga (Little Italy, Beachwood, Westlake) 
    • Typical yoga classes
  • Citizen Yoga (Orange) 
    • Lots of different yoga types with fun activities after
  • Yoga Roots (Cleveland Heights) 
    • Mostly yoga but also meditation
  • Chagrin Yoga (Chagrin Falls) 
    • There are also relaxation and meditation, barre, Sunday groove yoga, etc

2. Make lists!! 

As much as a long list may intimidate you at first, know that once you start crossing things off it helps A TON!! This will help you stay organized with what you need to do, and it will give you motivation once you start finishing each item on the list. 

3. Take naps!! 

Power nap: 10-20 minutes will lead to a quick increase in alertness/ vigor and a decrease in fatigue 

Grogginess nap (would not recommend): 30 minutes will lead to your body feeling very sleepy and groggy so make sure you keep and eye on the time! 

Short-term nap: 40-60 minutes will lead to you remembering facts, names, or places because your body has time to process the information; however, you will feel a little groggy when you wake up. 

4. Know that breaks are okay!! 

Listen, I know the feeling of wanting to finish that one last assignment, but make sure you take time during school whether it be at lab, X, or during a free period to do something for YOU. Talk to your friends, go out and get some lunch, or maybe hang out and watch Netflix! Give your brain some time to recuperate.