By: Liliana Parsons

The transition from middle school to high school is definitely not what I expected. It was one of the easiest and hardest transitions. It was easy in the sense that our middle school teachers prepared us for the workload and test preparation for high school. Completing homework and studying was something I was used to. However, getting used to the upper school environment was challenging and honestly terrifying. You have to be careful of every move you make. You don’t want the whole upper school class to hate you. You don’t know where everything is. You don’t know all of the social status rules. I wish there was a rulebook for the social rules in high school. That way everyone could coexist and be okay and still get what they want. But, in reality, there’s no way that could happen. If there’s no literal handbook, then what could we use to make sure no one sits at our lunch table?

Besides the social element of high school, the academic part was a rollercoaster ride. Our teachers are always offering help and giving us material to help us prepare for our upcoming assessments. However, there were more tests in the first few weeks then my class and I could imagine. The emotions I felt when I was taking tests, doing homework, and writing essays was a mix of stress, anxiety, frustration, and surprisingly accomplishment at the end of it all.

Freshman year is intimidating, fun, and requires hard work and motivation. Despite the setbacks and embarrassing moments we deal with, we have to keep our heads high and stay positive. In the end, there are still three more years to go!