By: Carolyn Jiang

Fall sports are coming to an end and winter sports are starting! That means the basketball season is starting! I love playing basketball, it’s my favorite sport. It’s like a creative outlet for me. Honestly, I think basketball is the best sport out there. Every single basketball player has their own unique way of playing. Basketball allows each player to be independent, yet also work as a team at the same time. Each player has an opportunity with the ball and to showcase their skills at every game. When I play basketball, I feel like I can escape from all of my problems and just focus on the game. 

But there are also downsides that come with the sport. It calls for a pretty big time commitment. Basketball is a sport you have to continue practicing everyday in order to improve your skills and athletic endurance. Plus traveling to games is difficult, especially with Ohio’s terrible snow that makes the commute even longer. Practices after school on top of homework everyday can put a lot of stress and pressure on you and your schedule.