by Caroline Cannon

With Spooky season now in full swing, it is naturally a good time to start planning out your Halloween plans. Whether that means going trick or treating, going to a friends for a party, or staying at home and stuffing your face with free candy, I hope you include some time to watch these classic Halloween movies. Here are the must see movies for Halloween season, divided into categories for the lightly scary movie fans, those who can handle the medium scary movies, and those who somehow enjoy being scared for the rest of their life. Enjoy!

Lawful Good
When William Harvey and his teen daughter Kat move into a mansion in maine to communicate with spirits, they did not expect to encounter a friendly ghost. Then, Kat meets Casper the ghost, and they immediately become friends. But, will Casper’s ghost uncles ruin his new friendship?
This animated classic is available to watch on multiple TV networks, YouTube, and Amazon Prime!
Neutral Good
In this Disney original movie series, Marnie Piper, her brother Dylan, and her sister Sophie discover they are related to witches. The siblings are transported to Halloweentown, where they encounter zombies, pumpkin heads, and other monsters.
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Chaotic Good
Hocus Pocus
Teenager Max Dennison and his younger sister Dani just moved to Salem, Massachusetts when they accidentally let three witches free from the dead. With the help of their magic cat, Binx, and their friend Allison, Max and Dani race to capture the witches and save halloween. 
Be sure to catch this Disney original movie on multiple TV networks, YouTube, and Amazon Prime!
Lawful Neutral
The Sixth Sense 
Cole Sear is a normal nine year old except for one tiny detail: he sees ghosts. Everywhere he looks he sees the ghosts of dead people, and he only tells his psychologist, Dr. Crowe. As Dr. Crowe attempts to help Cole, they both discover something quite unexplainable. 
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True Neutral
After a series of murders by masked killers in Woodsboro, California, teenager Sidney Prescott makes it her mission to catch the killers. With her team of locals, Sidney races to save her town, and put the killers away for good.
This modern horror classic  is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.  
Chaotic Neutral Beetlejuice
When married couple Barbara and Adam are killed, they learn they have to spend the next 150 years in their house as ghosts. This doesn’t seem like a problem, but they find the new owners unbearable. The couple puts Beetlejuice on the job to scare them away, but will it lead them to danger instead of peace and quiet?
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Lawful Evil 
The Conjuring
Follow the demonologist and paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed as they help a family living in an old Rhode Island farmhouse. 
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Neutral Evil Halloween
In 1963, six year old Michael Meyers killed his sister, and was sent to jail. 15 years later, Meyers, an escaped convict, goes back to his hometown for revenge… 
Find out what happens in this halloween classic available on Amazon Prime or YouTube! 
Chaotic Evil 
Nightmare on Elm Street
Freddy Kruger is a disfigured midnight mangler who preys on teens in his sleep. When a group of local teens start to see him in their dreams, they frantically try and find a way to save their friends. 
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