By Hannah Saltz

Dear Brandy Melville,

The first time I ever heard of the store was during the summer of 2015. I was thirteen years old, and my friends at camp all wore matching t-shirts with tiny flamingos embroidered on them. I thought their tops were so cute, and I made a note to head straight to the store once I returned back to Cleveland. 

When I first logged on to the website, I was slightly confused. Why weren’t there any sizing options? Did I miss the drop-down menu? Within a few minutes, I clicked out of the website and forgot about it. That was until school started back again. Within the first week of freshman year, I noticed the other girls wore pretty much the same clothing. I remember asking a girl in my math class where she bought her skirt from, and her answer was “Brandy Melville.” 

The following weekend, I went to Brandy in search of similar clothing styles. Every item that hung in the store was so adorable and exactly what I’ve been looking for. Grabbing a white sweater, I checked to see the size. However, there was no size. I thought ‘maybe it’s an error’ before picking up another sweater to check for its size. Again, no tag. I held the sweater up, guessing if it was close to my size. 

It was absolutely tiny. That’s when it hit me. Brandy Melville is one of those “one size fits all” type of stores. Of course, the lack of sizing made me feel bad. The place that seemed to have everything I could ever want in a clothing store only made one size. It was frustrating, my friends being able to shop there and pick out outfits while I walked around the store, pretending to shop. 

Brandy Melville caters to people who wear sizes 00-4. Sometimes their clothing may work on a size six or eight, but any size above that number cannot fit. Not only does it frustrate me (and I’m sure many others) that this store won’t expand their size range but it also confuses me. Why would a store like this not expand their sizing? It would lead to more sales because more people could fit into the clothing. Why this company continues to only cater to a small number of sizes confuses me. I hope that in the future, this company can expand their sizes and make all feel welcome within their store.