By Cate Engles

Here we are, together again once more

The school year has begun accompanied with work galore

What excitement this year for us seniors will hold 

Our last to time rep our famous colors: brown and gold

We were off to a great start with our homecoming theme

Our raid of Area 51 was full of antennas and, of course, lots of green

Now it’s already October and the leaves are beginning their transition

How fortunate we seniors are to share the halls with great sisters

Whatever it may be, we are here for you; we are truly good listeners

Our class has done it all, from pill bug labs to standardize tests

So if an underclassman needs help, definitely come find us, we know it best

Prime to Upper School hallways have witnessed some of these scholars

Either in the lab or on the field, you will likely see one of these ballers 

This year is special and everyone must know

That it is RED that the class of 2020 will glow

So, throughout the year, as the months fly by fast

Help us to make all of our final memories last

From now to the last day, where we are all doused in white

We will stay by your sides, until we are out of sight!