By Anna Keresztesy

A note to readers-

While trying to put this article together, it came to my attention that the number of nominees has no limits. I would come close to finishing, and then I  would find that some guy like Pete Buttigieg is also running. He is an actual candidate. There are so many, if you don’t feel like the first person relates to you, there might just be another option. I am sorry to all the candidates who didn’t get mentioned, I feel like that’s going to be a trend in this election. Also, I am not an astrology expert, so don’t come for me if your sign is aligned with Not Bernie Sanders. The list of names was long enough, so feel free to look up the policies and campaigns for anyone and everyone, especially you juniors and seniors!


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

-doesn’t know the star spangled banner

-here for the minorities

-force behind the metoo movement

author Marianne Williamson

-moral, spiritual awakening for the US

-wants conversations

-dig deeper into issues


former Gov. John Hickenlooper

-published a photo book-artsy side?

-face blind apparently

-finding that happy medium- no extreme politics


Gov. Jay Inslee

-released tax returns to call out trump

-lives to fight climate change

-big plans

Miramar, Fla., Mayor Wayne Messam

-america needs their mayors

-doesn’t spend a lot

-not very vocal on issues


Sen. Bernie Sanders

-Medicare for All

-votes for the incarcerated

-for the people, by the people


Sen. Amy Klobuchar

-fix mistakes, get stuff done

-stand up comedian by night??

-health and consumer safety


Sen. Elizabeth Warren

-calls out divisions in Washington

-tax the wealthy, care for the poor

-debate champion

-break up big businesses


Sen. Cory Booker

-address inequality

-come together

-acknowledge the past


Sen. Kamala Harris

-focused on the economy

-double civil rights justice department division

-raised hella dough


ex-San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro

-focused on education

-got san antonio universal pre K, will get it for the USA

former Rep. Beto O’Rourke

-pure blooded texan against walls

-heavier gun control

-don’t work against immigration, work to make it better for everyone


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

-always been active despite fear

-rather be out on the waves

-been to war, doesn’t want it

-knows what tf she’s doing


former Rep. John Delaney

-mad money

-big plans

-only wants bipartisan legislation


former tech executive Andrew Yang

-need unprecedented change

-published 75 individual policy pages

-very thorough plans

Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld

-running for republican nomination!!

-critical of his party

-wants to follow through

-turn the focus back to the economy