By Magda Ellis and Nadia Malik

Just in case you’re looking for a way to procrastinate…

Carmen Sandiego

Carmen Sandiego aired on Netflix in January as a reboot to the 1980’s show  “ Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?”. Carmen Sandiego, voiced by Gina Rodriguez is a professional thief and runs away from ACME detective agency after she runs away from V.I.L.E academy, a school for raising villains. The story is mostly episodic with Carmen and her small team trying to stop whatever V.I.L.E member the board sends to steal historical artifacts or destroy lands in other countries. Carmen unlike her original counterpart is given a much more robin hood persona and steals from the villians in the name of historical preservation. Each episode gives insight into Carmen’s motivations and childhood. In each episodes small history and geography facts are sprinkled throughout making each episode more educational than you would think. I recommend this show for it’s animation, fast-pace, and their cast of memorable characters.


You is a show about a seemingly kind and friendly guy named Joe Goldberg, and his evolving relationship with Beck, an aspiring writer. The show is told from both the perspective of Joe and Beck. It shows the dangerous and unhealthy obsession Joe has with Beck, and the lengths he will go to get close to her.  It is a thrilling and nerve racking show that makes you weary of every new person that you meet.

One Day at a Time

Season 3

One Day at a Time is a show that follows a Cuban family with an immigrant grandmother, a single veteran mother, a queer daughter, and an interesting youngest brother. Season three outshines all the others as it covers issues of consent, racism, teen relationships, feminism, and so much more. The show is relevant to issues of today and covers a wide range of perspective on a variety of issues. I highly recommend this show, it will make you laugh, cry, and think in a span of 10 minutes.

Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince aired in 2018 but it’s second season came out in February. The world was divided into two main races, elves and humans. Centuries ago the humans killed the precious dragon egg, an important animal to the elves. This caused a never-ending large war between the elves and the humans. Princes Callum and Ezran find a dragon egg and after befriending the moonshadow elf, Rayla they agreed to try and take the egg to the elf territory, Xadia. Each episode contains witty humor, adventure, and a very character driven story similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The animation is a little wonky, with some scenes almost looking like it is missing frames but the story and characters make The Dragon Prince a worthwhile watch.