By: Kate Slesh

During the second week of spring break the lacrosse team had a camp for 5 days. These 5 days consisted of team bonding, practicing, and much more. We had coaches from different club teams come in and teach us important lessons that we could apply to the rest of the season. On day 1, we split into 4 teams. My team was called the Gucci Gangs. Throughout the 4 days there were many lacrosse drills/games involved. For example, on the first day our coach for the day decided to work on ground balls. It is very important for lacrosse players to run through the ball and get low to pick it up. On the other days we practiced getting away from a double team. When you get double teamed you want to back out and find an open player. The last day was the best because we got to play skill-based games, and at the end of the camp there was a winning team. We played many games such as messy backyard, relay races, and keep away. Each team that one an individual game earned a point and at the end of the 4th day the people with the most amount of points won! Unfortunately my team did not win but instead we clenched 3rd place. I enjoyed this experience because I got to bond with people I didn’t know well and it helped the team become more unified.