by Cate Engles

As we pray for warmer days and dodge the last of the winter’s frost

The end of the school year comes with a high cost

Seniors already have one foot of the door

But first, we must acknowledge their achievements galore!

Autumn this year came and went so quickly

Captains lead the way from volleyball to field hockey

The tennis players cleaning the competition was no surprise

Our achievements this fall ran across the board, I cannot lie

Our beloved homecoming brought us all together

But the seniors stood out, rocking studs and black leather

The theme was fresher than their old band tees

I felt like I was at a rock and roll concert in the seventies

Kindness from the seniors was demonstrated all the time

From Homecoming with Heart to Providence House, their volunteer work is sublime

Our Senate President has proved her leadership through her hard work and commitment

With a talent show and Show the Love assembly, some of my favorite events

Winter arrived with no delay

Unfortunately, this year, we only had two snow days

Nevertheless, our seniors helped us through the winter snow showers

And by winter break, us juniors finally got our flowers

There’s an abundance of talented writers in the 2019 senior class

The amount of Scholastic Awards they received was really quite vast

Our Retrospect editors even created a special edition,

Incorporating all voices with much sophistication

Carnival blessed the Spring when it came around

And the seniors turned a rainy race day totally upside down

Witches and warlocks paraded the eerie gym

All to raise so much money – which was the real win

As the flowers bloom, so do the cards on the wall

All across the world, our seniors will go next fall

I know that I will savor my time with the seniors until the end of the year

I encourage you to do the same; they give great advice and a good listening ear

Posted by:hbinretrospect

Reporting not for school, but for life.

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