By Daria Gitiforooz

As HB students, we all know how busy our schedules can get. So, it is pretty understandable that between all of that, many of us don’t have time for hobbies that we can do just for fun. Recently, however, I decided to ignore every responsibility looming over my head and do something I haven’t done since Kindergarten: I decided to start painting.

It all started with an episode of The Joy of Painting. There was something soothing about watching Bob Ross make entire forests out of simple paint strokes, his calm voice explaining every action as if it were the easiest thing in the world. Watching him ~do his thing~ made me want to try it out for myself. So, I contacted my most artistic friend and she brought in painting materials to school. Since then, we have been using our lab periods to paint in the art room every once in a while.

Months after I started this painting venture at school, I found myself wishing to paint even when at home. I would sit at my desk, hours of homework laid out, and instead watch more of The Joy of Painting, wishing I had my own painting materials to try out some techniques myself. So, I headed over to my local Walmart and purchased cheap canvases, paint brushes, and paints of my very own.

Since then, I have been using any free time I’ve had to paint. Even if I have no inspiration in mind, I put my paint brush to the canvas and do something. Just after I purchased my own painting materials, another friend of mine gave me some cool magazine scraps that I often add on to some of my paintings. Although I never thought I would be interested in collaging, this is another thing I’ve picked up that I’ve started to love.

Notice that, so far, I haven’t said I’m actually good at painting. And that’s because… I’m not. I paint because it makes me happy, and because it’s a fun excuse to spend some relaxing moments with a friend during the normally hectic school day. Since I’m just doing this for me, I don’t feel pressured to make anything spectacular or especially unique. That’s why painting is so great!

So, I push all of you, readers, to try something new this week, even if you’re sure that you’re going to suck at it. Like me, you could end up with a new hobby you never even thought of attempting before. Whether it’s painting, reading, trying a new sport, or literally anything else, take a break from your schoolwork, go out, and do something that makes you happy. You deserve it!

Below I have attached some photos of some of my paintings throughout the year.

This is the painting that ~started it all~. I’m still finding time to work on it during my free Lab periods, and I’m in the process of adding some finishing touches to it.

Road Trip

These are some other random things I’ve painted throughout the year. Enjoy!


Spaced Out