by Kate Hickey

Since my last published article regarding the overating of Panera, I have received lots of positive feedback (although some select few were upset with my honest opinion). I thought I would continue my overrated fiend and comment on Starbucks. I know this is an incredibly controversial opinion, as HB students spend an approximate $200 and upwards collectively each day of the school year  (according to a group calculation), but Starbucks is the definition of overrated.

I find myself visiting Starbucks when only absolutely necessary (i.e. the night before a final, etc.). I have tried the lattes, the Americanos, the cappuccinos, the cold brews, the teas, you name it. I have moved on from that point. I only drink black coffee from Starbucks but am left disappointed each and every time.

Although the coffee closely resembles old, filmy, dishwater, the prices add an additional layer to the overrated nature of Starbucks. The average drink price approximates to $5. Let me repeat–$5. Although this amount initially strikes one as inexpensive, it is an absurd price for one single cup of detestable coffee. It is sickening to think that America is committed to paying egregious sums of money on coffee instead of making one’s own cup of coffee. I know–it’s crazy to think that one could save money and time making their own coffee, but some also thought that civil rights were crazy, and look where we are now  (Ms. Lewis–I hope you enjoyed that brilliantly crafted strawman).

I’m not criticizing people who choose to invest in Starbucks on a daily basis, I’m simply encouraging you to consider making your own coffee/tea beverage. Would you rather save time and money, or support an organization that capitalizes on consumers settling for subpar, exorbitant coffee? I have my answer, and I certainly hope this article changes yours.