By: Caroline Cannon

A quick peek into the current photography world with Caroline Cannon

Welcome to the first ever edition of Caroline’s Snapshots! In this series I will shine a spotlight on a new photographer each edition, share some of their techniques, and give out some inspiration for you to go out and take some awesome shots.

Since spring is just around the corner, I chose a photographer who loves to utilize nature and outdoor settings in his shots. Brandon Woelfel is a New York City based photographer with 2.9 million followers on Instagram and a present force in social media photography. And, he is also someone who I’ve looked to for inspiration for years now.

First, let me introduce you to Brandon’s style. WIth a mix of bright tones, pops of color and the creative use of lights, Brandon Woelfel uses new and old techniques to perfect his pictures. His pictures are extremely creative, and he is always trying new things. Here are some of my favorite pictures of his:

There are two reasons as to why Brandon is the perfect photographer for this first edition. One, his creative style is sure to inspire anyone, no matter your preferred area of photography. He usually shoots with models and friends, but all of his techniques can still be applied to any type of photo! Two, he loves to share his new favorite techniques. He has an awesome website where he lists all camera equipment he uses, and where to buy them. On social media, he uses his large platform to interact with aspiring photographers, shares before and afters of his shots, and posts youtube videos on his editing processes and more. Be sure to check out his accounts and website in the links down below!

Recently, Brandon has raved about the incredible shots he’s made using a suncatcher. A suncatcher is usually hung up in a window, and reflects rainbow colored beams of sunlight on the surface behind it. Brandon’s been using this as a way to create a very cool rainbow light effect on some of his pictures, as shown here:

By holding up the suncatcher to the lens of your camera, the light will be seen as rainbow and add a creative twist to your shot! You can purchase a suncatcher on amazon, or even make one yourself. I’ve yet to try this trick, but it’s next on my list!

This next cool technique will bring some awesome color effects to your pictures. Brandon uses the “color catching” technique frequently in his photos, which consists of him placing a color in the background to show up in the front of the picture. This can be done with a leaf, some grass, a piece of fabric, or even in the editing process. It’s hard to explain, but this gorgeous photo shows it very well:

He uses a yellow/orange leaf, the same one in the background, to bring the color to the front as well as the back. This trick creates a very cool perspective in the picture, and is super creative! Personally, I have used this trick many times, and it never disappoints.

This spring, be sure to try out some of these cool tricks! Brandon has many more up his sleeve, and loves to share them, so also check out his social media for some more ideas. And, if you don’t have time for some awesome nature spring shooting, be sure to experiment over the summer. Without school, the summer is the best way to explore new creative shots! Thanks for reading the first ever edition of Caroline’s Snapshots! Stay tuned for the second edition coming fall 2019!

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