by Audrianna Imka

An unpopular opinion is an opinion that is not shared by many people, and is often controversial. I gave you all chance, in the form of a Google survey, to submit your unpopular opinions (anonymously) that you have kept secret for so long! Here are your responses (and my opinions on them so we can add in some of that original content you all love).

Disclaimer: If you disagree with any of my opinions, I’d be happy to strike up a friendly debate, but please don’t come at me in the hallways because of the way I pour my cereal!!!

Another disclaimer: I wasn’t able to include everyone’s opinions, or else this article would be approximately 7 pages long. Just know that I read all of them and had quite a good laugh, and I appreciate all your submissions!

Opinion #1: Fiji water is worse than Deer Park

This absolutely cannot be correct. If water comes directly from the pure streams trickling down the luscious mountains of Fiji and costs approximately 10 cents per sip, then there is no way its taste can be inferior to that of its counterpart.

Okay in all seriousness, just give me some H2O molecules and I’ll be fine. I do like the shape of the Fiji bottles though.

Opinion #2: “Fo sho” > “for sure”

In texting, possibly. But have you tried saying this phrase out loud? It sounds like you’re saying “for show” with a suck stuck in your mouth. I don’t recommend it.

Opinion #3: Milk goes before the cereal


I don’t know who you are or where you came from but you’re the first person who has agreed with me on this. Please contact me immediately.

Opinion #4: A taco is a sandwich

Do tacos have crusts? No. Does the “bread” of a taco consist of TWO separate pieces of carbohydrate-filled substance? I don’t think so. Think again, my friend.

Opinion #5: Wearing US clothes isn’t cute

I honestly don’t see a problem with it. A lot of people have brothers, cousins, significant others, etc. that go to US, and I think it’s cool to represent the school of the person they love, like how I wear sweatshirts from my older sister’s college. I agree with US merch (or any school merch other than HB) not being allowed in the dresscode, however, because although they are our brother school, some people have many more connections to different schools outside of HB, and I think it’s way cooler if we all rep our own school’s merch instead of looking like a hodge-podge of kids from other schools.

Opinion #6: Ketchup and mac & cheese are a great combo

I’ve heard this before and I feel like I should try it. Should I try it? I’m scared.

Opinion #7: thank u, next (the song, not the album) is not a bop

Ok to be honest, I was originally very disappointed with Ariana’s new album, but then I listened to it a few more times and now I’ve literally fallen in love with it. I sort of just like, made myself like it, and I’m not really sure how. Technically speaking, the only part of “thank u, next” (the song) that I actually enjoy is the first verse. After that, it basically sounds like she’s singing about breakfast food (bacon, eggs; bacon, eggs) for a while. I am also a fan of the high-pitched “yee” sounds that come at the end – those are quite fun.

Opinion #8: Dunkin Donuts coffee is better than Starbucks coffee

You see, I just don’t like coffee, so I can’t really give an opinion on that one, but for my fellow non-coffee-drinkers, Starbucks does have a plethora of more options than Dunkin in terms of drinks.

Opinion #9: Older music is better than modern music

Considering I’ve been listening to the Stones and Bruce Springsteen (and my mom is making me say Bowie as well, she kind of loves him) since I was in the womb (thanks for that, mom and dad), I do enjoy my fare share of the “oldies.”

Opinion #10: Cats are better than dogs

Yes. Just yes. If you don’t agree, come over and play with my cats. The invitation has been officially extended. They think they’re dogs, so they cuddle, roll over on their backs for belly rubs, and run to the door to make noises at me when I first get home, but they’re smaller, softer, and smell MUCH better.

Opinion #11: Periods and proper grammar should be used in texting

It all depends on who I’m texting. I’ll stray from text lingo with adults (especially those such as my grandma who don’t understand what “thx” means), and when texting friends, I usually spell out full words such as “you,” and then for some reason abbreviate “please” to “pls” and “really” to “rlly.” Periods just goes out the window in general, because I’m usually too eager to send the text to add that simple little dot. But yes, I do feel that us smartphone users have it much easier than those who grew up with flip phones and had to plunk out each key at least once, then wait a few seconds, and keep on plunking to spell out their messages.

Opinion #12: Black licorice is good

It’s literally so good and I genuinely don’t understand why so many people find it disgusting.

Opinion #13: I love pineapple on pizza

It’s the perfect mix of sweet and salty!!

Opinion #14: Riverdale isn’t good

There’s literally never a dull moment in the plot, it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever watched!

Opinion #15: Mo is my favorite Imka

For anyone who doesn’t know, Mo is my cat. He’s honestly my favorite Imka too so I can’t argue.

Opinion #16: Beta fish are better companions than cats or dogs

I mean I guess it’s helpful that you don’t have to take them on walks or clean up their…deposits.

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