by Brooklyn Napolitano and Lucia Passarelli

A privilege the upper schoolers have is being able to go on trips abroad. They give students the opportunities to immerse themselves in the culture of foreign countries and experience new things. Lucia and I wanted to learn more about the trips some of our fellow upper schoolers went on. We emailed the school and read about how much of an impact these trips have had on HB students.

Chile with the Upper School Orchestra
The trip was the best experience I’ve ever had. By playing concerts with the local youth orchestras in Santiago, I learned that music can bring people together who don’t share a common language. The food was amazing, Chile is absolutely beautiful, and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Cambodia is such a unique place. Each part of the country is different from another. My favorite thing was walking through the markets and looking at the things people were selling. They sold everything from clothing, to live crabs, to refrigerator magnets. Khmer cuisine is something like I’ve never tried before. My favorite thing that I tried was something called Saraman. It was a blend of sweet and tangy flavors that I would definitely recommend to get. Overall, the trip was a lot of fun and for sure something I will never forget.

The HB India trip was the most transformative experience of my life. The best parts of me were highlighted by the endless generosity, kindness, and humility that welcomed me in India. Whether it be pedaling a bicycle rickshaw, hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas, or playing cricket with local kids, I was equally challenged and wonderfully consumed by the spontaneity of India. The relationships I formed with the leaders, chaperones, other girls, as well as the people I met in India will always have a token of my heart.

During our time spent in Zambia, we began by exploring the country from a tourists point of view and really appreciated the natural beauty around us. We then spent a week living, eating, studying, and learning from Zambian boys and girls at a boarding school in Lusaka, the country’s capital. During this chuck of the trip, we really just got to connect with kids our own age and learn about their lives. We made such amazing friends that we still are in contact with to this day. Leaving the boarding school is always the toughest thing to do for each girl on the trip, and for Mr. Ciuni, too! The last week of our trip was spent at a campsite where we camped out, played sports, and cooked with kids from 8th grade-around age 20. The kids we spent time with at this campsite are supported by an organization called KF, that HB works closely with to help support the education of underprivileged Zambians. We also participated in many activities at the campsite that helped us learn more about Zambian culture, language, and history, while exchanging similar things about America with the Zambians.