By Perin Romano

As the morning sun rose,

tears tempted to stream out of her

cerulean eyes;

The eyes that once glimmered like

The waves when the moon shone upon them.

But now, those same eyes were

Left in sea-glass shards

The shards, just teardrops,

From the outside it was a sign of distress;

No one thought it was a call for help.

Instead a warning sign,

But if she looked a little deeper,

If he cared a little more

If only someone could understand her

from the inside out,

He would know, she would know

That the teardrop was the last time

the waves that once danced in her eyes,

Would ripple

Would fly

Would crash

The last sign before she went blank,

Before she was shattered.

But no one noticed.

No one cared.

Instead she lost all faith.

Even faith

That in the morning,

The sun would still rise.

Posted by:hbinretrospect

Reporting not for school, but for life.

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