By Izzy Sutton

I was babysitting my neighbor’s kid a couple weeks ago and the most interesting thing happened. Her mom came home and made the announcement they would be eating chicken, rice, and broccoli. Once the mom said “broccoli” the little girl went crazy. She was screaming, crying, and stomping up and down. Never had I ever seen someone have that big of a reaction to being forced to eat food they don’t like. Personally, I do not believe that I am that much of a picky eater, but of course there are foods I would rather avoid. That got me thinking about what types of food people really cannot stand. With the help from some friends, personal experiences, and the internet I have created a list of the most disliked foods.

1.     Brussel sprouts: Besides their already bad reputation, the bitter taste of Brussel sprouts is very unappealing.

2.     Pickles: I have heard lots of reasons why people hate pickles. The sound people make when they eat them, the distinct smell, and the look of them are only three.

3.     Olives: They taste really memorable, but not in a good way. The saltiness of olives spreads to every other food it comes it contact with.

4.     Black licorice: This stuff is just plain nasty.

5.     Mushrooms: The main reason people tended not to like this one was because of the texture.

6.     Broccoli: Even though they look like little trees, the smell and the taste just upset people.

7.     Artichoke. That’s it.

8.     Liver: Even assuming someone is not eating it raw, the pure biological function of the liver is enough to make one uncomfy.

9.     Beets: Beets. Bear. Battlestar Galactica. No.

10.  Anchovies: These small little fish taste like licking the bottom of the ocean.

11.  Cottage cheese: The texture of this product is enough to make anyone cringe.

12.  Hawaiian pizza: Pineapple on pizza? Enough said.

I have also created a BuzzFeed quiz so you can vote on which food you think is the worst!