By Charlotte Wasserman

Over my spring break, I invested myself in exploring my Apple Watch that has been tracking my sleep, heart rate, steps, workouts, and mindful minutes. All things that have been keeping my mind and body healthy. To accompany my Apple Watch, I have been using apps like Pillow, Sworkit, Calm, and Activity. All of these are available for your iPhone (and Apple Watch) so you can see overall growth.

– Pillow is used to track sleep by monitoring your awake time, REM, deep sleep, heart rate, and if you want, it can record your sleep. All of these things are watched for you in the app while you are asleep and can be used to get better results.

– Sworkit is an app that allows you to customize and play personalized workout videos that fit your daily life. You are able to pick the type of workout and how long you do it for, right with the touch of your finger. Sworkit is compatible with Activity.

– Activity can be used to track steps, heart rate, and every workout you do. It’s the whole package and is automatically tracking right when you wake up throughout the whole day until you go to bed. When you start a workout with Sworkit, make sure to track it in Activity by saying “start workout,” then press what type you are doing, and you are ready to go. It’s that easy! TBH, I have been trying to stick to an easy but fulfilling workout schedule of running for 20 minutes and then abs for 10 every other day with going to a yoga or cycling class in between to get daily exercise in and create an extra opportunity in the body for growth.

– Calm is one of my most consistently-used apps, along with Instagram. It is my go-to and pick-me-up during times of anxious and overwhelming moments in which I feel the need to be recentered. Calm makes daily meditation easy when it reminds you on your Apple watch to take a few minutes to breathe or listen to calming music in times of high heart rate.

Let me know below what you think of these apps and if you are excited / have already tried some.

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