By: Sydney Deegan



Just a reminder that carnival is NEXT SATURDAY APRIL 13TH!! THAT’S REALLY SOON!

So basically I’ve made a to do list for you to complete BY WEDNESDAY APRIL 10TH:

  1. Buy a carnival t-shirt/ tickets for the parking spot! T-shirts are 20 dollars each and are sold every single day in the atrium.  From an senior’s perspective I am SO glad I have a t-shirt from every carnival. Not only are you supporting the seniors and Providence House, the organization we are donating too, but you also have a super cool HB t-shirt that is IN DRESS CODE! Also, the tickets for the parking spot are $1 for 1 ticket or $5 for 6 tickets, so to all my new drivers, you KNOW you want a guaranteed parking spot everyday:)
  2. Register for the race! Not only is the carnival dance such a fun time to hang out with your friends, but so is the actual carnival day! I cannot stress this enough, but YOU CAN WALK THE RACE. I have gotten a few friends/ sports teams together in the past and it’s so fun to walk and talk in the morning especially knowing that it’s going to such a great cause!
  3. Buy a ticket to the dance!!! The dance is always such a fun time and it is like a costume version of homecoming. You can bring any friends from any school and dress up in ANYTHING magical. Tickets are also only 10 DOLLARS!!
  4. Get a costume for the dance! You can be SO creative with this. Because the theme is magic you can do anything from Harry Potter, to witches, wizards, genies, fairies, etc. There are so many options so go crazy and get creative!
  5. GET EXCITED! This weekend is going to be so fun, not just for the seniors to see their project come together, but for all of the other grades to participate in another successful year of carnival! The seniors are asking to show your support through attending the events throughout the weekend and completing the checklist I just made for all of you. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!