By: Hannah Saltz

Politics is a scary topic, especially to children around the United States, if not the world. Even adults avoid this topic because their opinion may cause controversy or spark up a disagreement. I’ve noticed that many students in middle school and even high school lack knowledge on domestic and international politics. Luckily at HB students have a multitude of opportunities to learn about the world surrounding us, one example being the Global Scholars Program. Students at HB are very fortunate to be exposed to such concepts, but many students don’t have these opportunities. I don’t believe that a fourteen year old will scroll through CNN in their free time and listen to the news on their way to school. Over the past few years, I’ve noticed magazines and businesses aimed at teenagers and young adults are becoming more involved in politics and displaying how the youth can be involved in change throughout their communities (especially when one is under the voting age). Magazines like Teen Vogue, for example, have become extremely politically involved and featuring many young political advocates in their articles. I think politics being explained in an unbiased and more “relatable” way to younger people is extremely important. Regardless of age, people in the US deserve to know what is going on in their government and how they can be a part of the change around them.