By Amanda Sachs

In the wake of International Women’s Day, I thought it only right to write an article highlighting female power in popular TV shows and how each woman represents women in a positive light. In the media today, women are not always accurately portrayed in movies, songs and TV shows. Below I have listen just a few women that represent female pride and power in a positive light on popular television series.

**some spoilers ahead!!!

Meredith Grey (portrayed by Ellen Pompeo) – Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is one of TV’s longest running shows and although the characters have endured nearly every possible obstacle, the protagonist, Meredith Grey, always perseveres as she is known as one of the strongest female roles on TV. She has endured everything from the death of her sister and husband to battling her own injuries only a few seasons ago. Through all of the adversity, she managed to make herself known as one of the most popular and powerful female roles on TV today.

Olivia Pope – Scandal

Shonda Rhimes was not playing around with her series of TV shows focused around female power and main female roles and Olivia Pope in Scandal is no different. Olivia Pope, although she has her flaws, makes herself known as a determined and powerful woman on television. On top of being one of the most prominent female roles on a TV series, her role is also considered groundbreaking as she is one of the only black dramatic protagonists on TV. She has broken countless boundaries and made herself known as a powerful female character.

Rebecca Pearson- This is Us

On the popular TV show, This is Us, Rebecca Pearson stands out as a powerful female presence on the series. She is a mother and gave birth to triplets and even though only two made it out of the hospital, she represented her role as a mother with great pride. On the show, Rebecca is known to juggle many things at once, showing that women can handle great challenges and power. Rebecca is an understanding character who has made it apparent that one can have a family life and still be a powerful woman.

Annalise Keating – How to Get Away with Murder

Annalise is not a perfect role model to which women should look up, but it is her perseverance that sets her apart from others. She battles in both her life and the courtroom, facing countless obstacles in both. Although she is a flawed character, one can see her true power in her determination and her willingness to fight for every success.

Leslie Knope – Parks and Rec

On the popular sitcom, Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope makes herself known as an incredible boss. She expresses her opinions regarding subject like politics and is outspoken about her beliefs, showing that women can be role models and have a voice in their community as well. Knope is a generous boss and represents female power in a positive light as she is a great source of happiness in her office.