#SheBelieves Cup

By Tatum Schoaf

The SheBelieves cup is a yearly occurrence with appearances of the best teams in the world, and one of the most watched series of soccer games. The SheBelieves cup is an extension of the #SheBelieves campaign. In the beginning, the campaign was launched as a run-up to the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Through the years this campaign has grown into something stronger. Since it started the tournament has evolved into a bond between the fans and the players. The powerful message of believing in yourself and self empowerment has evolved into the main viewpoint of the tournament. With their motto being “Believe in Greatness,” Brazil, England, USA, and Japan fight for the top spot while supporting women and girls around the world. Today, SheBelieves has developed as a movement to inspire women and young girls, and to encourage them to accomplish their goals and dreams, whether it’s done in athletics or not.

Last Wednesday marked the end of the tournament. With all the teams in the top rankings in the world, as always, it’s a good fight. USA fighting to be defending champs, and England, Brazil, and Japan trying to beat the unbeatable. In the end, England beat the “best” for the number one spot, USA came to be second, with Japan following in third, and Brazil trailing the rest in last.

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