By Loá Schriefer

Jacqueline Greene is a lawyer at Friedman & Gilbert law firm. Ella Van Niel and I are trying to bring her in as a guest speaker, so here is a little about her.

Jacqueline was rated a top civil rights attorney in Cleveland by Rising Stars (2019), an award given out to only a select few per state. She attended Case Western Reserve University School of Law, and started to practice in 2012. She now works for the Friedman & Gilbert law firm, where she focuses mostly on civil rights violation cases. She handles a lot of government misconduct cases, dealing with  police misconduct and wrongful conviction/ imprisonment. She is on the board of several organizations working to educate people on the issues in the Cleveland and Ohio Justice Systems. She is the head of the Ohio Innocence Project’s Northeast Ohio Board of Advocates, an organization that aims to educate the community about innocence and wrongful convictions. She is also a part of the National Police Accountability Project, which works to stop police abuse through legal action, and many more. She is also a part of an organization that sets up pro bono cases.

Ella Van Niel and I are planning a forum to talk about the current states in the County Jails. The law firm Jacqueline is a part of has filed a lawsuit against the County Jail on behalf of the inmates. We are hoping that she can come in to talk with us all.

I wanted to reach out to Jacqueline after going to the Social Justice Teach-In a couple of weeks ago. The keynote speaker touched briefly on the topic, and after that I started to do my own research and learn more about the horrible things going on. The hope is that she will come in with a co-worker or client to speak about the problems facing the jail, and how they are trying to fix it through legal action or activism. Stay tuned for more details.