HB Faculty’s Words of Wisdom for Young Women

By Julia Schilz

In honor of International Women’s Month, I decided to talk to some HB faculty about their advice for young women. Things they wish they’d known when they were in our position, sage advice they’ve accumulated over the years, really anything! We all hear lots of school-related advice from our teachers, from test-taking tips to writing pet peeves to avoid, so it was really refreshing and fun to hear them dish out life advice! I know their words left me with lots to think on, so I hope reading this article gives you something new & inspiring to think on as well 🙂

Ms. Krist:

“Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself because if you don’t ask, you don’t get. As women, we can choose to tear other women down, but instead, change your mindset—support and prop other women up.”

Ms. Patton:

“I have three big pieces of advice:

1) Never be afraid to be yourself.

2) You will always be your harshest critic; give yourself a break.

3) Enjoy the journey, because THAT’s what life is!”

Ms. Oberholtz:

“Never be defined by your past; it’s a lesson, not a life sentence. And, no matter how hard things get, tomorrow’s always an opportunity for a fresh start.”

Ms. Day:

“Try something that you are uncomfortable with (as long as it’s legal and in dress code :).”

Ms. Biggar:

“Honestly I think my biggest piece of advice (being a working mom, I value my job so much, and I also love nothing more than being a mom to my kids), is that there’s nothing more important than being able to lean on a community of women. Whether it’s your own mom, friends, or women you work with, it’s important to find that community.”

Ms. Slanina:

“Be confident. Don’t doubt yourself. You guys second-guess yourself sometimes, and you just need to DO IT!!”

Ms. Barnabei:

“Be yourself, and be proud of who you are. Don’t apologize for being smart and assertive.”

Thank you so much to all the faculty for your thoughts! I really enjoyed talking with you, and it was so wonderful to be reminded of what an asset your wisdom is to HB.

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