Fun Things to do in Cleveland Over Spring Break

By Shira Rosenberg

Spring break means only 8 more weeks until the end of school, but in this weather, spring break might feel more like winter break, unless the weather warms up in the next few days. For those of us who are staying in Cleveland, here are some fun activities to do over break.

  1. Reading – We all know that, being Cleveland, it will probably still be below 40 degrees over spring break, so you can grab your favorite book and curl up under a blanket while waiting for spring to come.
  2. Watching a good movie – There are always new movies coming out, and there are sure to be some good ones over break!
  3. Baking – Find a good recipe to make that can last you all of break!
  4. Go to a museum – We have tons of museums in cleveland that usually have special exhibits that are really fun! There is a new exhibit opening at the Art Museum on March 23, so be sure to check that out!
  5. Go on a walk – We also have lots of parks all over, and it’s fun to go walk around one once it warms up.
  6. Go to an escape room – Escape rooms are really fun, and a great thing to do over break with some friends!

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